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[No Waste] Jesmin Shell Dish in Blue Dream

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Product (Test Piece)

Our JesMin series is a wordplay between Jesmonite and Epoxy Resin. Pieces from this collection are not only aesthetically functional but they make a great and one-of-a-kind addition to your home.

Dimensions: (approx) 10.3 cm length diameter x 10.5 cm width x 1.5 cm height

Once the product is purchased, it is sold out.

*Please note that experiment pieces are sample or test pieces that may not fulfil our quality standards. Hence, please purchase only if you are comfortable.

About the Material 

Our OOāK Wares products are made from a water-based composite material (eco-resin) called Jesmonite that is solvent and VOC free - that means that the material is user-friendly, smells less offensive, and has no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which make it healthier and safer to use at home. 

All products are sealed with natural food-grade wax to waterproof them (to prevent staining) and make them more heat resistant. Due to the nature of the material, air bubbles will naturally occur when casting the material. This gives a very natural, raw look which adds to the personality of the material.

Also, as our products are 100% handmade and therefore there will be slight discrepancies between products. Please purchase them only if you're comfortable. 

For our JesMin series, we incorporate Epoxy Resin from ArtResin into our products which is a brand that has been certified non-toxic and is formulated using high-quality materials. It does not produce any VOCs or fumes (no solvent and no non-reactive diluents). It is food-safe, safe to be used indoors and does not cause any health issues.

Care Guide

Whilst your product is durable and is sealed with a non-toxic food grade 100% natural wax sealer, avoid:

  • Placing food directly on the product.

  • Placing the product in the dishwasher or soak in water. 

  • Dropping the product as it may break at certain heights.

  • Direct contact with strong / harsh chemicals. 

To keep your product in tip-top condition:

  • Wipe any spills using a slightly damp cloth immediately to prevent staining.

  • Remove any dust // dirt using a slightly damp cloth

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